Kostka's victory at the Masaryk Circuit Brno

Victory in Saturday's qualifying and the start of the race from the first place. That was the start of the weekend in Brno for Tomas Kostka. Zlin rider left nothing to chance and because of the poor start he immediately failed to the third place, he started to pull ahead of Nicola Baldan, who is his biggest rival.In the same round, he managed to overcome Baldan. In the each of the circuits he was trying to increase his pace and he overtook the leader Francesca Sini.

 In the second race the first eight riders of the qualification started in the reverse order- Tomas in the eighth position.In the third turn, however, Tomáš got in touch with his teammate Dionisio, who forced Kostka off the road due some technical problems. Tom immediately got into a loss of time and had to re-start the chase. That was enough for third place. However, due to a collision he had to drive through the pit lane, he was not able to catch up with the first two drivers and suddenly fell to the seventh place.The winner was Francesco Sini, the second place gained Nicola Baldan and the third place acquired Massimiliano Mugelli.Kostka loses 25 points due to the resignation of the second race behind the leader Nicola Baldan.









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