Perfect victory in Rallysprint Kopná for RUFA Šport and Citroën DS3 WRC

Slovak RUFA Šport Team introduced as the first a brand new- Citroën DS3 WRC. The team got involved in 22nd Rallysprint Kopná during the last weekend and celebrated overall victory at the end of the race with a crew Tomáš Kostka – Miroslav Houšť.


Even before the start of the 22nd Rallysprint Kopná, it was clear, that RUFA Šport with a crew Tomáš Kostka – Miroslav Houšť were interested to defend last year's absolute victory. It was known, that within the initial measurement test, it will not be easy for Tomáš and Miroslav to defend the primacy. They counted with the fact, that the biggest rival will be Roman Kresta- brother-in-law of Tomáš. Roman completed the first speed test with the same time as Kostka and for this reason there were two winners of this section. Tomáš with Miroslav already did not hesitate during next seven stages and they won all of them. As a result there was a victory in 22nd Rallysprint Kopná for Tomáš Kostka with Miroslav Houšť and RUFA Šport Team.

I am extremely happy that our crew defended victory from last year. There was 130 cars in race and Tomáš with Miroslav were the fastest of all. Cooperation with these twosome is incredibly good, with the high professional level. I am glad that RUFA Šport could present Citroën DS3 WRC. In The Czech Republic and Slovakia this car had never competed before. We thank our crew for excellent performance and all our team partners for help, said satisfied Ľubomír Kleman- the manager of the Slovak RUFA Šport Team.

Tomáš Kostka was also satisfied:

Rallysprint Kopná is my favourite competition and the truth is that these speed stages are just a short walk from my home. This year's competition was extremely difficult, great rivals met there. The beginning was on our side rather cautious. Moreover, especifically for this competition, we had to tune our Citroën. However, the problem was immediately removed and then everything was going perfectly. I am glad that I could represent RUFA Šport Team. I thank also the team manager. I like to get involved in some campaign again and it does not matter whether in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, or somewhere else.“









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